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The Gyrotonic Method is a unique method of exercise that addresses the whole person. It uses the breath and full-body, mindful movement to develop deep inner strength and freedom of movement. The benefits to your health and well-being are boundless.

Meet Katie

Gyrotonic Teacher | Mother to a Seven Year Old | Lifelong Dancer | World Traveler

My first introduction to the Gyrotonic Method was love at first sight. It offered a unique perspective of the body and expanded my way of moving in the world. My mission is to bring the Gyrotonic Method to more people, to help them cultivate their own practice of healthy movement, to guide them on their journey to a stronger, freer body and to expand their possibilities for a more fulfilling life.

Bespoke Movement Guidance to Realize Your Body’s Potential

The Benefits of a Gyrotonic Movement Practice

Greater Agility

Greater Ease

More Stable Joints

Calm & Clear Mind

Enlivened Body

Deep Inner Strength

Greater Freedom of Movement

Healthy Circulation

Improved Breathing

A Supple Spine

My Unique Approach

My teaching is grounded in the Gyrotonic Method and classical Pilates. I strive to seek out the nuanced imbalances in my client’s body and create each lesson to give them a full-body workout while at the same time addressing those imbalances. I take pride in teaching with a focus and clarity that empowers my client to understand the problem and make a tangible shift that they can feel and carry over into their daily life. I aim to build upon the smaller successes of individual lessons to see people through to their unique goals.

Kind Words from Clients

Katie is a thoughtful and masterful Pilates and Gyrotonic teacher. Her classes are challenging and fun, and her experience allows her to meet every person at their own level while pushing us all! I always leave feeling more centered, aligned, and grounded physically and mentally. These classes are truly a cornerstone to healthy physicality for everyone, from professional movers and athletes to those just starting to incorporate exercise into their lives.

- Jodi R., Portland, Oregon

Kind Words from Clients

Over the last year consistently working with Katie, I have transformed my approach to exercise. I now consider spinal support the most critical aspect of movement. It has been revolutionary for my body, and I see stubborn, chronic injuries melting away. I couldn’t ask for a more intuitive and constructive advisor.

- Cheryl N., Portland, Oregon

Kind Words from Clients

I have taken many different movement classes through the years, but Katie’s thorough knowledge of body dynamics has by far elevated my training to the next level. Her classes help you understand your body, challenge your body and yet still remain fun and light hearted. It’s not every day you find a teacher like this!

- Julia P., Portland, Oregon

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